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Distein Forstmarkier Fabre

Kestrel Forestry Consultants have been appointed Irish stockist for Distein Forest Marking Paint.  Distein are a division of the German paint manufacturers MOTIP DUPLI and their product has been specially developed for the forestry market and is extensively used in Germany, Poland, Austria, Scandinavia and the Baltic States.


With more and more private plantations reaching first thinning stage and beyond, and the need to clearly mark off woodlands and individual trees, the timing could not be better for the introduction of a dedicated forest paint.  Prior to this the industry has been using paints developed for general industrial use like road marking and signs.
Distein Forest Paint makes a significant contribution to keeping the woodland environment clean as it contains no CFC’s or lead.


Selection of Uses



Box of 12x 500 ml. cans:
€ 65 plus VAT at 23%.  (€ 5.42 per can plus VAT)
Visa, Master Card and Irish debit cards are accepted.
Carriage at cost extra.


Depending on spot size required and how heavy the operator applies the paint - the average can should do 200 –500 trees which works out at approximately
2 cent per tree.


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