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Tubex Ltd. the UK manufacturer of tree shelters and plant care products, appointed Kestrel Forestry Consultants the County Wexford based consultancy firm as their new stockist in Ireland in 2004.

Tubex are the world's leading producer of tree shelters and the best known brand in the tree shelters business. They export to over 25 countries including the USA and Canada.

Kestrel previously held the Irish agency for Arbeta, however with the merger of Arbeta and Tubex in 2003, all production and marketing has been concentrated at the Tubex HQ in Aberdare, South Wales.

Since 2004 sales of Tubex products have increased by 75% following intensive promotions and increasing acceptance of the product by the forest industry.     
For full information on the Tubex range contact Sean Lenihan: at 0402-37519, 087-206 9277 or E-mail:


Tubex Range - Tubes

Tubex supply tubes in 5 height sizes :  0.6 metre, 0.75m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m. The height of tube you choose will obviously depend on which animals you wish to protect your trees from.  The following are the recommended heights for the main species of browsing animals :


Animal Tube Height Stake Size Note
Rabbit 0.6m 600x25x25mm

On sites with a slope

and where Sika deer

are present a 1.8m tube

is probably the best option.

Hare 0.75m 750x25x25mm
Sheep 1.2m 1200x32x32mm
Fallow Deer 1.5m 1500x32x32mm
Sika Deer 1.5m 1500x32x32mm
Red Deer 1.8m 1950x50x50mm


Advantages of Tubes

Forestry Uses


NBConditions of Use:

It is recommended that the taller shelters (1.2m to 1.8m) be removed once the crown has formed outside the shelter, especially on exposed sites to prevent damage to the tree when the crown is exposed to strong winds, and begins to exert pressure on the top of the shelter.





Tubex Range - Spirals/Easywraps

Tubex supply spiral guards in two height sizes and two diameters : .6m x 38mm, .6m x 50mm and .75m x 50mm.
Spirals provide low cost protection for whips and standards from rabbits and hares. Easywraps are similar to spirals but are solid and open out or unfold like a ''swiss roll''.  Both are ideally suited to ash and sycamore in a forest context where rabbits and hare are the only threats but are aslo widely used for hedging.  They do not provide the same micro climate
as tubes, and therefore trees in spirals or easywraps do not receive the significant growth boost which tubes provide.


See how to assemble Tubex shelters


Guideline Prices 2015/16 Easywraps and Spirals


Height 1,000 2,000 Up to 3,000 Up to 5,000
60cm x 38mm        .35 .     33         .31     .29
75cm X 50mm        .55      .50         .45    .40
60cm x 38mm         .35       .33         .31     .29
.75m x 38mm         .47       .45         .43     .41

75cm x 50mm           .58

Bamboo Canes

3'      .16                     .16
4'      .19                     .19










Guideline Prices 2015/16 Standard Tree Shelters

Standard Tree Shelter and Stake (VAT and Delivery Extra) Visa, Master Card and Irish debit cards are accepted.

Tube Height 1,000 2,000 Up to 3,000 Up to 5,000
  Tube T & S Tube T & S Tube T & S Tube T & S
0.6m 1.00 1.40 0.95 1.35 0.90 1.30 0.85 1.25
0.75m 1.15 1.50 1.05 1.45 1.00 1.40 0.95 1.35
1.2m 1.60 2.45 1.55 2.40 1.50 2.35 1.45 2.25
1.5m 1.95 2.85 1.90 2.80 1.85 2.70 1.80 2.65
1.8m 2.35   2.30   2.25   2.15  

T & S : Tube  & Stake

Guideline Prices 2015/16  Shrubshelters

Shrubshelter and Stake (VAT and Delivery Extra)
Visa, Master Card and Irish debit cards are accepted.

Tube Height 1,000 2,000 Up to 3,000 Up to 5,000
  Tube T & S Tube T & S Tube T & S Tube T & S
0.6m 1.70 2.10 1.60 2.00 1.50 1.90 1.40 1.80
0.75m 1.90 2.25 1.80 2.15 1.70 2.05 1.60 1.95
0.6m Plus 2.00 2.35 1.90 2.25 1.80 2.15 1.70 2.10
.75m Plus 2.30 2.65 2.20 2.55 2.10 2.45 2.00 2.35


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Kestrel Forestry now stock the complete range of Acorn tree shelters and tree guards with the Acorn mesh tree guard recommended as an ideal solution for conifer planting especially with Scots Pine. Contact us for more details.


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