The day you plant is the day you harvest.
— Kestrel Forestry Consultants

 1. Forest Plantation Establishment

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If you are planning to establish a new plantation Kestrel will organise and carry out the entire project form start to finish.  Kestrel will provide a budget showing the costs and revenues for the first year, so you will know how much money has to be paid as each element of the work is completed. The grants are then paid direct to you.  Subsequently we can advise and/or organise you on maintenance operations in years 2,3,4 for an annual fee. Even if your site is small, Kestrel can provide a package to cater for most small sites. Planting your land is still one of the most financially attractive land-use options. Remember forest premiums are tax-free, are paid for 15 years to all landowners, and range from €74 to €267 per acre depending on your land classification, species and total area planted whether its < or > than 10ha.

2. Agroforestry

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Under the new Agroforestry introduced in 2015 scheme landowners will be able to plant trees at a wider spacing on their land at a rate of 500 - 1000 trees per hectare and by using tree shelters to protect the trees will be allowed to graze sheep in between the trees.

  • Establishment Grant: €2,960 /ha

  • Maintenance Grant: €990/ha

  • Additional Fencing Grant: € 450 - 500/ha.

  • Premium: €260/ha for 5 years

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3. Native Woodland Establishment

Kestrel are approved by the Forest Service to operate the Native Woodland Scheme for both existing woodlands  i.e. Native Woodland Conservation, and for new sites i.e. Native Woodland Establishment.  

NWS Premiums are paid at a rate of €275/Acre for 15 years.


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The ‘Forestry for Fibre’ option in the Afforestation Scheme provides financial assistance to landowners who want to plant fast growing trees suitable for a range of purposes, including wood panel and fuel production. In addition to grants covering the full cost of establishment, premiums are paid for 15 years. Trees planted under Forestry for Fibre can be harvested in 10 – 15 years, with potential yield ranging from 150 - 300 cubic metres per hectare. This rotation is significantly less than conventional forestry where conifer forests mature between 35 and 40 years. Suitable species include Poplar, Italian Alder, Apen & frost hardy varieties of Eucolyptus.

Premium: €520 per ha. for 15 years.