Afforestation Grants €/Ha. * 

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The afforestation grant is payable as a fixed grant as outlined in the table above. An additional fencing allowance is payable subject to the linear metres erected and limited to 100m/ha for Non IS 436 fencing and 140m/ha for IS 436 plantaions.  To qualify for the higher IS 436 grant rates all fencing posts must be certified to this standard.

The new grant is €600/ha. for both conifers and broadleaves & BL. 

 New Deer fencing allowance €16.25/metre @ 140m/ha.  In addition deer fencing only applies to GPC'S 4-8, so Sitka spruce plantations have been excluded from quailification for deer  fencing.

*Note: The planting of ash as a grant aided species has been terminated by the Forest Service due to Ash-Dieback disease, however the grant for Sycamore remains the same.

*10% Diverse:

90% Sitka Spruce + 10% diverse species.


100% Norway Spruce / Douglas Fir / Hybrid Larch, Scots pine

GPC 5 Broadleaf:

Includes Sycamore, Cherry, Spanish Chestnut, Walnut etc

Premium Rates - Euros/Ha. for 15 Years*

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Note: Premium rates/Acre range from €206 for GPC 3 the most common category to €267 for Oak.

Native Woodland Rate: €275/acre

NB: Same rate for all landowners, no difference now between farmers and non-farmers.

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Tax-Free Premiums for

15 Years